Research & Land Survey

Research & Land Survey


We are a team of Highly Qualified Professionals to undertake high quality research, collect statistically reliable data to be disseminated to a wide array of internal and external stakeholders, engaged in policy formulation, program management and research in Health, Education, Agriculture, Population WASH, DRR demography & development sectors. Deliver services for data collection (qualitative & quantitative), monitoring, evaluation, Third Party Validation (TPV), marketing research, social & customized research with innovation in all over Pakistan including NMD-KP, GB & AJK. Introduction/using electronic devices for data collection, real time monitoring, data management, data analysis with development organizations, INGOs, private entities and Public sector organizations. We also have an experience for conducting and reporting large scale surveys and research/assessment studies in health sector.

  • Design a survey that answers our clients’ research questions and goals.
  • Tune up the methodology to add clarity to our client’s projects.
  • Determine the right sample size so that the findings accurately depict market realities.
  • Present results clearly utilizing report-ready presentations, tables, and graphs.
  • Understand and respond to our clients’ (and their clients) comments and questions.

Core Values

INNOVISION for research and land survey is one of the leading innovators in research methodology and the adoption of new technologies that have helped shape the field of modern research and set the standard for rigorous, culturally sensitive, trans-parent, and unbiased inquiry into the most pressing issues facing society.

Over the years and continuing today, Innovision Consultants researchers have used proven methods and emerging techniques to illuminate topics across the spectrum of human and social experience. We have explored the structural and personal factors that contribute to overall health and well-being over the entire life course. We have examined what it means to learn, how we best learn at different stages of development, and how our education and the systems that provide it contribute to positive and negative outcomes. Our studies have charted the nature of employment and work and created deep knowledge about the state of the national economy and our relationship with money and income. We have helped governments both domestically and around the Country design, implement, and evaluate programs to improve the human condition.

Our advancements in survey design methodologies have allowed researchers to ask increasingly nuanced questions of ever more diverse audiences. And the novel-yet-pragmatic ways in which we have invented, adopted, and adapted technology have made data collection, analysis, and dissemination more rigorous, more cost-efficient, more accessible, and more secure.

Client driven research, training and evaluative studies of Population Welfare Programme and its components and other Line Ministries and nation-building departments for providing research based support at federal, provincial and district levels in carrying out their development plans, thus supplementing such activities built into the programme;

Publish a journal and disseminate information on innovative work, experiments, research papers, studies, policy analysis and other works; and function as a central clearing house in the field of demography, population, development and health;

Human Resource Development

Capacity-building training in demography, statistics, computer skills, data analysis, research methodology/methods including operations research, monitoring and evaluation and allied disciplines related to demography, population & development and health;

Organize national and regional conferences, seminars and workshops on demography, population & development and health issues; Create awareness about the implications of rapid growth of population for social and economic development in the Country; Develop and conduct short and long term training courses in population and related fields;

Consultancy services in population and related fields to the organizations located within the Country and abroad;

Coordination & Liaison

Focal Institute to co-ordinate research and training related to family planning, reproductive health, Education, WASH, DRR, demography and applied research on population, health and development;

Exchange visits of Innovision Consultants personnel with other relevant institutions, Universities and organizations within the country and abroad;