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Innovision Consultants is a research organization dedicated to undertaking analyses and evaluations of important national and international politico-strategic issues and developments affecting Pakistan. Innovision Consultants freely interacts with similar national and international fora and scholars to benefit from exchange of ideas and views through holding and participating in seminars, workshops and discussions. Innovision Consultants is a team of Highly Qualified Professionals to undertake high quality research, collect statistically reliable data to be disseminated to a wide array of internal and external stakeholders, engaged in policy formulation, program management and research in Health, Education, Agriculture, Population WASH, DRR demography & development sectors. Deliver services for data collection (qualitative & quantitative), monitoring, evaluation, Third Party Validation (TPV), marketing research, social & customized research with innovation in all over Pakistan including NMD-KP, GB & AJK. Introduction/using electronic devices for data collection, real time monitoring, data management, data analysis with development organizations, INGOs, private entities and Public sector organizations. We also have an experience for conducting and reporting large scale surveys and research/assessment studies in health sector. An actionable and action oriented approach, our customer satisfaction research techniques help build customer loyalty. Innovision Consultant’s senior professionals offer experience and dedication in providing high quality, reliable, useful customer satisfaction research to businesses, small and large.


Our vision is to provide reliable, independent, and quality services and ensure in time project delivery through a process of continuous improvement. We focus on our client’s needs as we comply with their project requirements.


Our mission is to become a world renowned research Organization, in areas of Education, Demography, Health, Anthropology, Population & Development, providing baseline and projected population statistics to Provincial and National Policy Makers, Researchers, Planners and Program Managers, to suggest optimal planning, in the wake of fast depleting resources.

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