GIS Service & Solution


GIS is a set of techniques used to accomplish specific goals, most Important is the Inquiry about the geographical features on the surface of the earth, and it is displayed characteristics From the Database containing all Data.


  • GIS helps in the planning and management of cities
  • Location of activities and services in the city and the roads leading to it
  • Management of infrastructure services (water – electricity – sewage – gas – roads, etc…)
  • Help in business marketing, trade, population and Travel
  • Used in infrastructure management in cities and population centers of transportation and emergency services and rescue operations
  • Used in the field of geopolitics, military, police and security institutions in many countries of the world
  • Used in making maps which constitute the mapping industry in the world
  • Civil Defense Department and upgrading the performance of his duties Help in urban planning


  • Reduce production time and improve accuracy
  • Cost reduction
  • The possibility of analysis and measurement from the maps and perform statistical operations
  • The link between different information resources
  • Dealing with all of the different activities that are related to information management and making the best decisions