Mobile Mapping


We have years of experience in researching and working with exciting new technology 3D panoramic imaging. It is not 100% but it seems like 3D walkthrough without spending much time to rendering the whole sequence of animation.

CycloMedia is market and technology leader in large-scale systematic visualization of environments. Digital World is supporting CycloMedia in Saudi Arabia. Making 360° panoramic images from public roads and waterways (Cycloramas), combined with aerial images. The in-house developed and patented technology allows the accurately positioned panoramic imagery to be produced on a nationwide scale in a highly automated production and quality control process.

Outdoor / Indoor Solutions

  • Measurements over the imagery
  • Overlaying of Georeferenced drawings 2D or 3D
  • Traffic Signs Inventory
  • Asset Management
  • Urban Planning & Taxation
  • Geospatial

Street Level, Water Level and Aerial Images